Newsletter 2018

The Bowling Club should be open for the 2018 season by the middle of March dependant on the weather.

All members are welcome to join our teams especially The Monday Night, and Tuesday afternoon seniors teams.

Secretary’s report- 2017 season.

Congratulations to all individuals and teams who contributed to yet another successful bowling season. The Academi continues to thrive with a number of youngsters showing a marked improvement. Dave Jones has now left, leaving the club an opportunity to devise a new strategy. Gwawr Bell, newly elected onto the management committee will serve as a “go between” via parents and adult members of the squad. Practice sessions will be held for representatives of the Academi early next season. A friendly match against the Penrhyn New Hall youngsters will also be arranged. Hopefully a Junior Cup competition will be held during the early summer. Social bowling continues to thrive and the club’ association with the local school is on – going.
At the moment our club is in a healthy state, we are able to field teams in all leagues. Sadly this is not the case for other groups. Membership in other establishments is dwindling, teams are leaving the leagues and fixtures have to be cancelled or postponed. It is therefore important and imperative that the Academi succeeds and continuous to flourish. Also crucial for the future of the club is the participation of the younger element within the club. The “old stagers” will not be around forever. I, therefore as your secretary, implore you all to pull together to keep our club strong and stable.
So we are all another year older and looking forward to a new bowling season- wishing our lives away! The Bible says many things- some true, other things not so true. In Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, it is stated that “to everything there is a season and a time and purpose under the heaven”. The bowling season is on the horizon yet again and hopefully it will serve a purpose. Verse 5 of the aforementioned chapter mentions a time to cast away stones. Casting of stones in Latin( jactus lapidum), in all probability refers to the game of bowls played with something similar to the modern shotput.
There is also mention in Ecclesiastes of a time to lose but no mention of a time to win. Therefore, those of us who lose more than we win have the Good Book on our side.
Congratulations to two of our budding stars Sion Bell and Ceris Parry. Both have been selected to be part of the Welsh under 18 squad. Hopefully this will serve as an incentive for other Academi members .

Good luck to you all this coming season.