Rheolau Clwb

Clwb Bowlio Llanfairpwll Bowling Club 2020

The following guidance have been handed to every bowling club by the W. C. G. B. A. and the Welsh Government. These must be observed by all members. The management committee will take no responsibility if rules are broken, although a degree of common sense is acceptable.

  • The green can only be used by club members. Green hours available -10 a. m. – 8 p.m.  
  • Every member must book an allotted slot. Play to last 55 minutes. Leave immediately after play ends. Booking on line on  – llanfairpwllbowlingclub.co.uk
  • Only 6 bowlers will be allowed on the green at the same time. You may play alone or with one person from another household or with other members of your household.
  • Juniors under the age of 14 years will require a parent/guardian to accompany them at the green.
  • All individual bookings must be named. If booking as a family, all individual names must be presented.
  • Full distancing of 2 metres must be maintained.
  • Pavilion and toilets will remain closed
  • Sanitize hands and equipment before and after games – Sanitizer and wipes will be made available.
  • Use your own equipment if possible.
  • Do not shake hands, hug or “high five” with your opponent.
  • Avoid contact with next booked group – Spectators to use only the two shelters near the road – social distancing to apply.
  • Do not arrive before your booking time.
  • Take all rubbish away. 
  • Due to a shortened playing season and a different form of bowling membership fee for this term will be £20 and £1 for juniors.
  • Remember book on line at llanfairpwllbowlingclub.co.uk 

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please take care for the safety and health of everyone. Hopefully a return to normality will return soon.

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