The Llanfair Pwll Bowling Club is a partisan institution, It is an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of various causes.

It welcomes new members, male or female of any race, creed, colour or Language.It has a vibrant and dynamic green policy, which has the long lasting support of “Keep Wales Tidy”.It also has ties with cultural and lingustic organizations, including The Anglesey Eisteddfod.

The club is proud of it’s policy over the years, of fostering and promoting the game amongst youngsters and youths. There is a close connection with the local Primary School- the club holds training sessions for the pupils which culminates in an energetic and forceful competition for the perpetual Cup.

There is also a close association with the Community Council, Medrwn Mon and The Anglesey County Council. It has also received the support of R.A.F. Valley.
Not only does The Club receive support but it also supports – The British Red Cross, Wales Air Ambulance, Hospice at Home, Eleanor’s Appeal (Alaw Cancer Ward) and the British Heart Foundation.

Club Language Policy

The Llanfair Pwll Bowling club is situated in “Welsh Wales”.  95% of our members are fluent Welsh Speakers, but of course those speaking other languages are welcomed and become friends.

They are very much tolerated and appreciated.  Due to this “Welshness”, the Club has a linguistic Bilingual Policy, which is absolutely necessary in the area. It is therefore important that those living further afield must realize this, and accept it.  A great deal of our support comes from Welsh Institutions, who also have a Bilingual Policy.

An appreciation of this Bilingualism is healthy and shows an understanding of the needs of this particularly area of Wales.

In 2010, our Bilingual Policy won an award by “Clod Iaith”, for it’s good use of Welsh and achieving a high standard of every language aspect within the business.  The actual Certificate is on display in the Pavilion and was presented by Colin Jackson.

“A Mouse saved her young from a ferocious cat by barking ‘Bow Wow” After the cat ran away the mouse said to her offspring, “See children it pays to know a second language”

“A different language is a different vision of life” – Federico Fellini

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